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Suit Filed Against 3 Medical Facilities For Not Providing Interpreter

The family of a deaf man who died of cancer has filed a lawsuit alleging that health care professionals repeatedly denied the deaf family’s requests to receive accommodations including a sign language interpreter. The lawsuit accuses three New York medical facilities “of discrimination and violating the state Human Rights Law and federal Americans with Disabilities Act.” The...

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Qualified Sign Language Interpreter for Doctor’s Office

A Maryland doctor who had refused to pay for a qualified sign language interpreter for a patient’s office visit agreed to institute a policy for hiring interpreters and notifying deaf patients that sign language interpretation will be provided on request at no cost to deaf patients. The doctor also agreed to train office staff about effective communication with patients with hearing...

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eBay wins, Netflix loses

A federal judge has ruled in favor of eBay, dismissing allegations that the auction website violated the Americans with Disabilities Act by requiring a telephone to verify sellers identities.  The suit was filed by a deaf woman, who claimed she was unable to register to the site’s services as a result of their policy.  This ruling appears to be at odds with District Judge Michael Posnor’s ruling...

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