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ADA Lawsuit Defense

Although we handle many types of civil litigation, both plaintiff and defense, we have a special interest in Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) litigation. We take pride in providing small businesses with economically feasible defenses to this types of lawsuits. We are familiar with the law, have relationships with competent experts, and even work with businesses pre-suit in an effort to avoid litigation altogether. If you find yourself the target of ADA litigation, let us put our experience and knowledge to work for you.

If you or your company has been named a defendant in an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) lawsuit, we will be glad to meet with you in our office, your office, or on the property in question that is the subject of the ADA lawsuit. Time is of the essence, so we will move quickly to schedule a consultation with you as soon as possible. We are familiar with this process and we will help you understand what is happening.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service and top notch legal advice. Your calls will be returned within one (1) business day and we will effort to be as efficient and economic as possible. We know that legal fees and related costs affect the bottom line of your business. We will discuss with you the strategy that is most appropriate for your situation, as the cost simply must be accounted for in this analysis.

We know how to defend ADA litigation and we know how to advise you to do what is best to protect your small business. We also know that you do not want to bothered with the nuance and minor details of the defense of an ADA lawsuit, so we will discuss how often you prefer to be updated and involved. We will make every effort to make this process as painless as possible.