Mediation Key to Avoiding Litigation

Posted by on Oct 25, 2012

Across the nation, when mediation is completed, the ADA claim is resolved over 75 percent of the time.  An increasing number of disabled persons and special interests groups are specifically requesting mediation to resolve their complaints.  For example, after an Arizona nail salon patron with hemiplegia was refused service, the mediator reviewed the Department of Justice’s technical assistance material in the owner’s native language (Vietnamese) and helped the owner change his store’s policies with regard to serving individuals with disabilities.  Additionally, the owner formally apologized to the customer and paid him $1,000.  It is important to keep in mind why someone is making an ADA complaint.  Sometimes they just want an apology and a change in policies to follow the ADA. If you have questions about mediation or resolving an ADA dispute, feel free to contact our office.